Privacy Policy

Customer's Data:

The data that we collect, store and process of our customers is of highest importance and is not shared with any third parties and marketing companies except for cases of fraud. We collect your data such as name, e-mail address, shipping address, billing address, telephone number, mobile number, age, gender, payment details etc to enhance your shopping experience with us in future.
We may use your personal information to send you SMS updates and advertisements through e-mails. Also, we will not be able to identify you if you visit our website as a guest, we will only identify you in case you are registered with us and login through your account on our website.
You can update your personal details at any point of time by accessing your account on


We have authorized payment services and  all disputes will be handled in the Delhi jurisdiction only.


We have all the relevant measures to prevent unauthorized access to your information. We also request you not to send your full credit card and debit card details while communicating with us.


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