Terms & Conditions

1. All the content, logo, design, graphics, pictures are subject to copyright and its use in any form will call for a legal action. End user may use our pictures, content and design but it should be used with our name i.e. pipaca.com and after seeking approval from pipaca.com.

2. If a customer is identified to be fraudulent, pipaca.com reserves the right to de-activate or delete his/her account and all the content from it. Please furnish right information with us all the time so that we can serve you better.

3. The items we sell on our website cannot be exchanged under any circumstances after when the customer places the order. Also, please note that the exactness of the product may vary i.e. some products may be 90% exact to the picture shown on our website, same way some may be 85% and some may be 100% same.

4. Since Cakes, Fruit items, Flowers and Chocolates are perishable items, no refund will be made once the order is placed.

5. It is the customer's responsibility to keep his/her account credentials upto him/her and any order placed with that account will be considered as an authentic order.

6. If at any point of time, the product ordered is unavailable pipaca.com will send its customer an e-mail or a call stating the order cancellation and will ask its customer to deliver another product of the same type, if the customer does not respond within a stipulated time, another product of the same type will be delivered to the shipping address. Please note the stipulated time is one and half hours after when the mail/ call is done.

7. In case the customer is not willing to take another product of the same type (as mentioned in point f), the entire amount will be refunded to the customer.

8. The delivery of the product is mainly governed by the demographic location and traffic, hence the delivery timings may vary accordingly but we will try to deliver the product to your shipping address on time and with utmost care.

9.  Pipaca.com is an e-commerce portal which is owned by onlineadda enterprises pvt ltd which is incorporated under the laws of India.

10. Posting abusive, explicit, defaming content on our website blogs, reviews and wherever possible will mean an unlawful activity and will require a straightaway legal action.

11. Any law relating disputes will be handled to the jurisdiction of the courts at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

12. Please note that after when you place an order or when you register yourself at pipaca.com you confirm that you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions as well as privacy policy.


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